About Us

Thrive Media Streaming, the concept and the company, was born out of the “shelter in place” constraints placed on the US and the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though streaming capabilities have existed in the technology world for better than a decade, Thrive Media Streaming has enhanced that technology to fill a need within the entertainment community.

Thrive works alongside promoters, artist, venue owners and staff to bring their talents to the world. We offer expertise in live streaming performances as well as video and audio recording for streaming. Our staff is certified in network infrastructure, software development and web design. Our wealth of experience and connections within the entertainment industry allows us to give you a 360-degree offering of products and services unparalleled in the industry.

“We saw a need to help fill a void that was created when live performances were cancelled all over the world, we knew we could make a difference and give artists the opportunity to THRIVE.”

Indeed, Thrive Media Streaming is filling the gaps in social distancing by reaching out to the world with your favorite entertainers to create a memorable experience through our exclusive streaming network.